3G for TV installers

One of the main reasons for the launch of this product in conjunction with Movistar is to fulfill a need for an unlimited wireless internet service with full Spanish coverage and the speed and reliability to support TV transmission and with reliable English language support by phone and email.

At present there are many people selling unlimited 4G routers and SIMs but the major Spanish mobile network operators do not, as or Feb 2016, offer this service to either the general public or resellers.

Movistar had an unlimited service that was offered to companies for a different purpose and resold to the general public but gradually these contracts are coming to an end and these SIMs are having data limits imposed. 

Vodafone and Orange both offer card sharing products to resellers. For example each SIM has a 60GB usage limit but you can combine up to 10 cards or 100 cards to create an overall limit of 600GB or 6000GB.

These SIMs are sold to the general public as unlimited and if a client is lucky the other purchasers of the SIMS do not use much data and they can use their service to watch TV all month. If they are unlucky and all 10/100 users are using the cards to watch TV it’s likely that after a couple of weeks (when all 600GB or 6000GB has been used up) the speed of all of the cards will be reduced to virtually nothing and will not increase again until the next billing period begins.

We have just launched this service at the beginning of February 2016 and in the first couple of weeks of trials speeds have been between 8 and 14Mb (the Movistar specification is up to 10Mb so it’s possible that these top speeds will be restricted). TV reception is very good. 

If this is a product that would be useful for your clients we are keen to work with you. The router is installed and supplied by Movistar and other routers cannot be used. The SIMs cannot be used separately and we bill the end user. You cannot resell this service.

We pay commissions on the monthly fee paid by the client and can also offer commissions on our Movistar supplied ADSL service as well (fibre in the future).

You can have access to our online systems and input and manage your clients, including organizing the initial payment for the router, or if you prefer, you or the client can just use this website to input the client details and add your reference and we will manage all dealings with the client, including the router payment, and pay you the same commissions as if you were managing the data in our online system.

If you would like to supply your clients with a reliable internet service from the main network operator in Spain please get in touch.